The Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment

Project personnel and interests (last updated August 2003):

PI - Principal investigator, F - Faculty, S - Staff, P - Postdoctoral researcher, G - Graduate student, U - Undergraduate, H - High school student

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Basic information

Technical overview


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Chris Field (Co-PI)

Hal Mooney (Co-PI)

Brendan Bohannan (Co-PI)

Nona Chiariello (S)

Elsa Cleland (G)

Jeff Dukes (P)

Hugh Henry (P)

Hans-Peter Horz (P)

Grace Hsu (H)

John Juarez (G)

Duncan Menge (U)

Lisa Moore (G)

Halton Peters (G)

Rebecca Shaw (P)

Julia Silvis (S)

Shauna Somerville (Co-PI)

Jim Tiedje (Co-PI)

Sue Thayer (S)

Todd Tobeck (S)

Peter Vitousek (Co-PI)

Design and coordination

Ecosystem physiology

Microbial community composition and function

Biomass and phenology using spectral reflectance

Flowering phenology and belowground dynamics

Biomass responses, plant invasions

Plant chemistry effects on microbial processes

Soil microbial community composition

Herbivory by slugs

Soil carbon

Phosphorus dynamics

Root responses, root identification

Influence of herbivory on species composition

Biomass, respiration, nutrient dynamics

Infrastructure improvement, lab analyses

Molecular-level plant responses

Soil microbial community composition

Molecular-level plant responses

Infrastructure improvement, lab analyses

Tissue chemistry effects on nutrient cycling

JRGCE Collaborators

Bruce Hungate (F)

Margaret Torn (F)

JRGCE Alumni

Nutrient capture by plants and microbes

Respiration responses