DGE Events in 2003

The last major event of 2003 was the taking of our Department Photo on Dec. 15 in front of the entrance way of the new building.
This picture shows the group gathering for the picture that will be posted later on.

Bautista Retirement Picnic, 10/10/03
Members, past and present, of both Departments came together to honor Cesar Bautista upon his retirement after 15 years of service as our horticulturist. Thank you, Cesar, for your skillful care of our grounds and especially the flower beds.
And, last but not least, for providing this occasion to enjoy a picnic of barbecued meat and vegie patties with all the usual trimmings plus two large decorated cakes. Thanks also to the ladies of the front office who got it all together (Mary, Kathi, Linda, Susan, Miguela & Jennifer).

Ismael Villa and Dana Parmenter will have a hard act to follow.

Ground-breaking Ceremony 5/22/03

A Ground-breaking Ceremony for a building to house laboratories and offices for the Carnegie Institution's newest Department of Global Ecology was held on May 22, 2003. The crowd, assembled on a perfect California day on the Stanford Campus, included representatives from C arnegie's Board of Trustees and Administration as well as Stanford Facullty Colleagues and Students. Dr. Chris Field, Director of DGE introduced the Program that included Michael Gellert, Chairman of Carnegie's Board of Trustees; Pamela Matson, Dean of Stanford's School of Earth Sciences; and Richard Meserve, President of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Chris emphasized the long-standing commitment of the Carnegie Institution to environmental issues by reading passages from the first Annual Report of 1902. It was recognized, even then, that hard scientific data would be required to guide the wise management of a sustainable, global environment. This new Department furthers that goal by bringing together the fields of Plant Biology, Atmospheric Sciences, Geochemistry and Oceanography with their associated students.

As we waited for someone with a shovel to break into the hard adobe soil, President Meserve stepped forward an d mounted the backhoe that just happened to be there. He started the machine and skillfully guided its shovel into the earth. A Man of Many Talents!
A reception and delicious buffet followed on the lawn.

Departures 5/28/03
Although you'll be missed, we send you away with best wishes for your next adventures.

After the Lab. meeting on May 28, we commemorated the departure of three of our Global Ecologists with four delicious types of mushroom pizzas.

They are, from the left, Ben Shaby who is going to Cornell Univ. to begin a PhD program in statistics; Florent Mouillot who is returning to a position in Montpellier, France; and Julia Silvis who is going to Washington, DC to join an advocacy group for a sustainable environment.