August 2011

DGE In-House Seminars

Aug. 1:  Joe Mascaro - Evaluating uncertainty when mapping carbon with airborne LiDAR and  Amy Wolf - Biofuel production possibilities in the southwestern U.S.

Michalak Group

Aug. 30: Three members of the Michalak Lab (Vineet Yadav, Abhishek Chatterjee, and Yuntao Zhou) have now relocated to DGE, and a fourth member (Yoichi Shiga) will be arriving within days.  Several Michalak lab members also started new appointments this summer.  Kim Mueller is moving to Washington D.C. on a AMS/UCAR Congressional Science Fellowship, starting September 1.  Sharon Gourdji began a postdoc in David Lobell's research group at Stanford on July 1.  Deborah Huntzinger moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, to begin her appointment as Assistant Professor of Climate Science at Northern Arizona University.  Two additional students, Dorit Hammerling and Dan Obenour, will remain members of the Michalak lab but will continue working in Michigan.

Paul's Retirement Luncheon

Paul Sterbentz is leaving us on Sept. 1 after serving for 10 years as our Facilities Manager. We'll surely miss his help with many problems always arising and superb photographic skills. Plant Biology has purchased some of his nature photographs to decorate their walls. However, we also welcome John Griffin (on left below) who comes recommended with many of these same attributes. Not only does the Facilities Manager look after our campus at Stanford, but also the two in the high Sierra. The second photo was taken at the Mather Camp. Click on photos to enlarge.









Caldeira Group

Aug 2: Ken Caldeira has been filming Carnegie researchers speaking on YouTube. A sample of his work can be viewed at <> Past land use decisions and the mitigation potential of reforestation: Dr. Julia Pongratz in which she describes the work in her recent paper (with colleagues at the Max Planck Inst. Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany) in Geophysical Res. Lett. 38, 2011.
Aug. 10: Caldeira announced another DGE YouTube video, based on the recent papers by himself & Steve Davis. Accounting for carbon dioxide emissions: A matter of time and Carbon dioxide emissions embodied in international trade:

Asner Group

Aug. 10: Greg Asner writes “The CAO was featured in a popular French magazine this month, earning 8 pages for all to enjoy the way we see our biosphere."







Aug. 12: Asner writes: “For those interested in state-of-the-art ecosystem fire prediction, go to: to see our new fire risk tool.  There, you can click on any place on the Big Island and get a 6-year history of vegetation fire risk conditions.  Or you can slide the toolbar and see what NASA MODIS coverage, which feeds into our fire risk algorithm, can provide on a regular basis. This is a prototype that could be expanded worldwide in the future.”

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