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DGE Newsletter, December 2005
Dec. 14, Dr. Inez Fung, Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center spoke on The Changing Carbon Cycle. Because the current atmospheric CO2 increase is only half the carbon emission from fossil fuel
Five of our Department members participated in the Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, Dec. 5-9.
Ken Caldeira: Will growing forests make the global warming problem better or worse?
Ben Houlton: Climate-Dependence of Plant-Soil 15N/14N interactions Across Tropical Rainforests.
Maoyi Huang: Assessment of Surface and Groundwater Interactions and Their Impacts on Land-Atmosphere Coupling System. and The Impact of Selective Logging on the Regional Carbon Budget at the Tapajos National Forest: A Modeling Study.
Ulli Seibt: Observations and modeling of oxygen isotopic signatures of the CO2 efflux from a forest soil.
Adam Wolf: Estimating Mean Boundary Layer Turnover from Radon Concentration to Retrieve Surface Fluxes of CO2.

You're sure to enjoy Dave Kroodsma's Web Blog at <www.rideforclimate.com>. Now (Dec. 22), he's well on his way down the Baja Peninsula.

combustion, she is looking for the missing carbon. By combining satellite observations of the biosphere, observations of the year-to-year variations in the atmosphere and biosphere, and in-situ process studies, she identifies the sensitive ecosystems and the processes responsible for the carbon sequestration.
Berry Lab Group
Early last month, Larry Giles spent a couple of weeks in Kruger Park, South Africa servicing the instruments that measure energy, water and CO2 at the top of a tower. See the Archives for April, 2005 for details.
Holiday Party
Dec. 13 in the late afternoon, members and friends of both Plant Biology and Global Ecology came together in the front lobby of DGE to celebrate the season. The weather was nippy but dry. After a delicious meal, we were entertained by a very impromptu local band plus more music from a Karaoke Machine supplied by Kathy Barton. Many thanks to Leonore Reiser and Natalie Boelman for organizing this fine event plus all those who helped with the set-up and clean-up. Click on pictures below to enlarge.
Field Lab Group
Dec. 14: The Group met to discuss the paper by Norby et al. in the PNAS about forest response to elevated CO2 being conserved.
Tasting: Ben Houlton brought a group of snack foods chosen for their nitrogen fixing ability. Included were "Just Peas", humus, peanuts and edamane; delicious, but not to judge.

Dec. 7: A small group met to discuss the Review in the Nov. 17 issue of Nature titled Impact of regional climate change on human health. by Jonathan A. Patz, Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Tracey Holloway and Jonathan A. Foley

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