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DGE Newsletter, December 2007
Field & Berry Lab Groups
DGE Represented at AGU Meeting
Dec. 3: Yuka Estrada discussed a couple of papers about biofuels and food. The longer one was a reprint of The Duisenberg Lecture given by Dr. Louise Fresco, our Seminar speaker from Sept. 2007. The many reasons why using agricultural land solely for biofuel production is an unproductive and even dangerous policy were outlined. There are, however, instances where biomass production does not infringe on food production, but here the problem may be transporting sufficient quantities of this material to a place where it can be converted to usable energy efficiently.
Tasting: Yuka brought representatives of four kinds of citrus fruits including oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and pomelo (an Asian equivalent of grapefruit). A very healthy comparison!
Dec. 4: Long Cao and Elliott Campbell gave previews of the papers they plan to present at the AGU meetings in San Francisco during the week of Dec. 10.
Seventeen current and recent members of the DGE presented papers at the American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco during the week of Dec. 10 - 14. Thank you to Adam Wolf for collecting all their names and titles of their papers prior to the event.
Dec. 10: Cristina Archer, On the Need for Paid Maternity Leave in the U.S.; Ulli Seibt and Joe Berry,
Linking carbon isotopes and carbon-water exchange of plants across different scales.; Joe Berry, Inferring Gross Primary Production and Respiration From a Global Carbon Cycle Model Including Carbonyl Sulfide.
Dec. 11: Adam Wolf and Maoyi Huang, Session
: Ecohydrology and Climate Change: Observations and Projections I.; Noel Gurwick, Chris Field, Nona Chiariello, Microbial and Nutrient Responses to Enhanced Availability of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Carbon Dioxide in a California Grassland.
Dec. 12: Adam Wolf and Maoyi Huang, Poster, Ecohydrology and Climate Change: Observations and Projections II.; Yingping Wang, Ben Houlton, Chris Field, Global N2 fixation and its response to global climate change and increasing CO2 level.
Dec. 13: Elliott Campbell, Including Land Use and Land Cover Change in Earth System Models.; Carolyn Snyder, An assessment of the biophysical consequences of land use change and the implications for climate policy analysis.; Cristina Archer, Supplying Reliable Electricity and Reducing Transmission Requirements by Interconnecting Wind Farms.; Ken Caldeira, Carbon Storage in Biologic and Oceanic Reservoirs: Issues and Opportunities.; Ken Caldeira and Long Cao, Controls on the Time Scale of Carbonate Neutralization of Carbon Dioxide Released to the Atmosphere.; Roland Pierushka, Remote measurement of photosynthetic efficiency using laser induced fluorescence transient (LIFT) technique.; Noel Gurwick, Chris Field, Nona Chiariello, Ecosystem Responses in the Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment Over Seven Years.; Chris Field, Session: Including Land Use and Land Cover Change in Earth System Models III.; David Lobell, Elliott Campbell, Chris Field, Will Biofuel Expansion Mitigate Climate Change?
Dec. 14: Elliott Campbell, Relationship of photosynthesis to atmospheric carbonyl sulfide for the North American growing season.; Choy Huang, A cross-scale remote sensing approach to estimate tree cover and aboveground biomass in pinyon-juniper woodlands of the Colorado Plateau, USA.;
Noel Gurwick, Effects of long-term increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration, precipitation, temperature and N deposition on gross N mineralization and nitrification rates in California annual grassland soil.; Long Cao and Ken Caldeira, Ocean Acidification Consequences of Stabilization of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.
Jasper Ridge Datafest, 12/15/07
This meeting was held at the Department beginning about 9:30 a.m. with nearly 20 people in attendance. Each of the following nine presenters spoke for a number of others in their respective groups: Bruce Hungate, Claire Lunch, Paul Leadley, Noel Gurwick, Ben Houlton, Yuka Estrada, Paul Dykstra, Ted Raab and Nona Chiariello. They covered a wide variety of experiments conducted in plots at the Ridge itself or soils and plants that had been harvested and taken or sent to other labs (some as far away as France). At the close Hal Mooney and Chris Field summarized how much of the work going on at Jasper Ridge can be used to model climate change on a wider scale.
Holiday Party, 12/13/07
About 120 Carnegie members, their families and guests attended this party beginning at 4 p.m. in the DGE Lobby and outside (with heaters) near the tables. Devaki Bhaya and Arthur Grossman ordered the food from a restaurant called Mediterranean Wraps. It was so delicious, we could have eaten more! Santa appeared with his helpers and handed out gifts to the children. Ismael, Dahlia, Larry, Evana and others decorated the Lobby and generally helped out. Linda Longoria organized and collected packaged and canned food for the Second Harvest Food Bank along with cash donations. (Later she reported that Carnegie employees and friends donated 203 pounds of food and $410 in cash!! "This is such a worthy cause and your generosity will be an occasion of joy for many people.") A jolly good time was had by all during this clear but chilly evening.
Special Publications
Greg Asner recommends a new paper that combines airborne 3-D forest observations with field-based bioacoustics to uncover interactions among native and invasive trees and birds. Natalie Boelman did a great job on this super unique study. Boelman et al. in Ecological Applications, 17(8), 2007, pg. 2137-2144.
Ken Caldeira supplied critical information and was one of the authors on a paper published in Science 318, 1737 (2007) by O. Hoegh-Guldberg, et al. titled Coral Reefs Under Rapid Climate Change and Ocean Acidification.
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