DGE Newsletter, July 2004
Global Ecology Department B & G
DGE Minivan
July 1: The promised Weeding will take place on a Friday afternoon coming soon!
We are planning 2 significant building upgrades beginning July 19. Beginning that day, the second-floor carpet will be replaced, and the desks will get new edge banding. If all goes well, these two upgrades will require 3 days.
1) All of the mobile desks/tables need to be clear prior to July 19. Tables that need to be cleared include the two long printer tables on the inside walls of the small conference rooms.
2) The second floor will be inaccessible July 19-21. If you are working at Carnegie during these days, you should be prepared to work on the first floor only.
DGE now has its own vehicle, a new Dodge minivan. The vehicle is for work related activities. In general, research use has priority over uses related to maintenance and facilities. To drive the vehicle, you must do the following:
1) Have a valid CALIFORNIA drivers license.
2) Make a copy of your drivers license and submit it to the business office for inclusion in the list of authorized drivers
3) Sign out the vehicle on the "vehicle" calendar. It is really important that you check the calendar before taking the vehicle. Keys for the vehicle will be in Linda's office. Unused seats will be stored in the warehouse. You should expect to do the seat installation and removal yourself.
This is a work vehicle, but we will get the best service and longest life from it if each of us treats it as if it were our own. Especially when you are hauling big, dirty, leaky or otherwise unpleasant stuff, think about ways to minimize wear and tear on the interior. We plan to add a trailer hitch and a sturdy roof rack (including bike carriers) in the next few weeks.
July 27: The carpet promised above has been installed. The view below of the hallway between the elevator and conference room doesn't do justice to the rich shades of brown in the carpet.
New Computer
George Merchant admires the Department's new PowerMac, G5 with dual 1.8 Ghz proces- sors and 1 GB of Ram.The computer, in its aluminum case, sits on the floor in the lower left corner.
Editor Jan Brown
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