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DGE Newsletter, September 2005
Seventh International CO2 Conference
Field Lab Group
The following DGE members traveled to Boulder, Colorado to participate in this Conference from Sept. 26-30: Chris Field, Joe Berry, Ken Caldeira, Ulli Seibt & Yingping Wang.
The Field Lab Group held its first meeting on Wed., Sept. 21 at noon. New members included graduate students: Emily Pollina, Katie Turner, & Amy Wolf and post doc.: Ben Houlton. We decided to review first drafts of IPCC papers and continue with the tastings.
Sept. 28, Wed.: Claire Lunch lead a lively discussion about the very current topical subject of possible links between hurricanes and global warming, based on several reference papers which she and Noel had found. We agreed that a distinction should be made between damage caused by hurricanes in human terms and the intensity and number of hurricanes. The former has certainly increased but may be caused mostly by population growth and environmental degradation. But whether hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are increasing as a result of global warming is complex, difficult to measure, and requires more data over longer time periods; the consensus was that they probably are.
For the Tasting, Claire provided several varieties of cheese made from either goat or cow's milk. For the Gouda, goat's milk was best, but for the cheddar, the cow won (perhaps because it was longer aged). Three more new graduate students joined us: Mallika Kumar, Carolyn Snyder and Hillary Young.
Next week's meeting will be on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 1 pm to accommodate Chris' return from Scotland.
Asner Lab Group
Robin Martin and Tim Varga are studying the effects of livestock grazing in the National Parks of southern Utah.
Winston Wheeler received his MS, in part, by completing a thesis about the impacts of grazing and fire suppression on carbon in vegetation and soils of southern Arizona.
Greg Asner returned on Sept. 20 from 10 days in the French Alpes (Aussois) where he participated in a Gordon Research Conference on CO2 effects.
Editor Jan Brown
e-mail: jbrown@globalecology.stanford.edu
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