Near Zero

Near Zero conducts research and assessment of energy and climate issues, with a focus on integrating scientific evidence and expert judgment to inform a transition to a near-zero emissions global energy economy. We are interested in combining tools and approaches for scientific, technical, and economic assessment; expert elicitation; and quantitative modeling. A guiding principle is to reveal where experts agree and disagree and why—acknowledging uncertainty, illuminating agreement, and untangling disagreement—without advocating any one perspective. Current topics include deep penetration of renewables and global energy innovation priorities. The Carnegie Department of Global Ecology is hosting Near Zero's scientific arm. Near Zero also develops software tools that facilitate expert discussion and formal elicitation of expert judgment. For more information, see

Last Updated: September 19, 2016

Carnegie Near Zero Staff
Ken Caldeira Ken_Caldeira Faculty 650-704-7212
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Michael Mastrandrea Michael Mastrandrea


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Danny Cullenward Postdoctoral research scientist 650-248-4121
Dan Sanchez Postdoctoral research scientist
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Matt Shaner Postdoctoral research
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