Welcome to CO2 DAAD Project

This project seeks to create a state-of-the-art autonomous software platform for real-time integration of in-situ and satellite-based atmospheric CO2 measurements within a DA system for producing estimates of global land and oceanic CO2 exchange at daily, weekly or bi-weekly intervals.

Project Overview

This "SI2-SSI: Real-Time Large-Scale Parallel Intelligent CO2 Data Assimilation System" project (award numbers 1047871 and 1342076) is funded by NSF SI2 (Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation) program and under the class of Scientific Software Integration (SSI). The primary objective is to build a CO2 Data Assimilation and Anomaly Detection Software System for constraining global, biospheric, oceanic and anthropogenic fluxes of CO2. This integrated CO2 DAAD software will consist of four major components:

  • Data Ingestion System
  • Data Assimilation System
  • Carbon-Climate Surveillance System
  • Visualization System

Additional funding for specific scientific applications provided by NASA under contracts NNX12AB90G "CO2.0: Assessing the Impact of a Combined in Situ and Satellite CO2 Monitoring Network on Constraining Biospheric and Anthropogenic Fluxes for North America," NNX13AC48G "Extension of Data Assimilation and Mapping Projects to Ingest Data from OCO-2," and NNX08AJ92G "Mapping Global CO2: Development and Application of Geostatistical Algorithms for Gap Filling and Uncertainty Assessment for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory."

Latest Updates

January, 2014

Global Maps from GOSAT

October, 2013

Carbon Flux Visualization System